As Toyi, we try to make an assessment at the end of every year to see what we have achieved and what we learnt. This year, we wanted to create a document in which we could focus on the areas we want to improve, rather than preparing a report listing only the moments we are proud of.  You will see the unforgettable moments of 2021 in the first part of this evaltuation document, and in the second part you will read about the development areas that emerged as a result of face-to-face interviews with different stakeholder groups, survey evaluations and observations.

We are super excited to announce that┬áour eco-friendly creative building kit Toyi won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 in the discipline “Product”. Toyi was first conceived by our co-founder Elif Atmaca as a solution to allow kids who live in disadvantaged areas to transform their surroundings through play, and it had won the iF DESIGN...

We make our own Christmas tree decorations! We think DIY Christmas ornaments can be a more playful way to decorate the tree. How? By turning our DIY decorations into a family fun Christmas event and creating playful memories together. WeÔÇÖve compiled some of our favorite DIY Christmas ornament ideas for you. These DIY Toyi crafts will transform your home into a playful wonderland!

One of the greatest richnesses that play brings to human life is that it does not fit in a certain pattern and does not have to follow a predetermined route. We liberate ourselves by letting the materials in our hands and the possibilities of the ideas in our minds write stories endlessly and infinitely. So how much do adults allow children to be liberated through play?

Being a play literate means understanding the children's play needs, providing them with a safe and enriched environment to meet their needs, and understanding their interests, emotions and thoughts through play. If you are wondering what this play literacy is? ÔÇŁBelma Tu─črul calls you to discover play literacy.

2019 was a huge year for Toyi. For us; it was all about our beloved community and your support that you don't hesitate to share with us every day without getting bored. Now, as we come to the end of the year, we want to celebrate all the developments together. Thank you for making our favorite moments of this year possible and for being part of this incredible community <3