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Toyi Oyun ve Tasarım A.Ş. We use some of the personal information we obtain from the website, event or social media accounts you visit and we would like to inform you about them.

Why and How Do We Collect Information?

Your information

If you provide your own information as the purchaser for your purchases from the TOYİ website with your family’s permission, through shopping forms in order to make the sale.
If you use tools such as social media, e-mail or telephone to contact us, through these communication methods to ensure communication,
In order to process your complaints and refund requests to the stores selling TOYİ toys, through these stores,
If you want to share the wonderful works you have created with us on social media, these photos can be shared on our social media accounts if you and your family wish,
If you sign up for our newsletter to receive information about new developments, you can use the newsletter subscription form on the website to keep you informed about new developments and products,
through other companies and stores that work with us and support us,
or through surveys we send to measure how satisfied you are with us.

We can collect data verbally, in writing and electronically.

The reason we collect this information is that it is mandatory to receive this information to fulfill some of our legal obligations, to establish and fulfill the necessary contracts for sales transactions, and to protect some of our rights!

For What Purposes Do We Use Your Information?

We use your personal information only for the following purposes and as much as necessary!

Carrying out the necessary transactions for product sales and delivery to you,
Conducting our income and expense accounts and other financial matters,
To inform you and your family about our special products in line with your needs,
If you have a complaint, the necessary things will be done to satisfy you,
We use it to protect our rights, our employees, and other companies that support us.
With Whom Do We Share Information and Why?

We share your personal information with the following people for the purposes listed above and as much as necessary!

With companies that will store their information safely for us electronically,
With the companies we work with to serve you better and who help us in many matters,
with cargo companies so that the products can reach you,
With the IT companies that support us to make our website work better,
with our lawyers and consultants,
We share it with government institutions upon request.
What are your rights regarding your information?

Your rights in accordance with Article 11 of KVKK are listed below:

Learning whether your personal information is used or not,
If personal information is used, request information regarding this,
To learn why your personal information is used and whether it is used in accordance with its intended purposes,
Knowing the persons to whom personal information is transferred at home or abroad,
Requesting that personal information be corrected if it is incomplete or inaccurate and notified to the persons to whom it has been transferred,
Requesting the deletion of information that is no longer necessary and notifying the transferred persons,
Objection if automatic decision-making machines make a decision that may be negative for you,
If any damage has occurred, do not request compensation for the damage.

You can send these requests to TOYİ, with your family or by yourself, and send them to us in writing and signed at

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