Welcome to the community of Toyi

We believe that Toyi is more than just a packaged toy.
We want to build a community including parents, teachers, toy designers,
and everyone interested in play, around Toyi as a social enterprise advocating
child-led play and equal play opportunities for children worldwide.

Join the community and let’s make the world children’s playground!


In an unpredictable and fast-changing world, enabling children to address the challenges of the future is important. Educators have a crucial role in this process. This is why we work with schools and teachers who support children’s creative skills. Contact us to learn about our educational materials and offerings for educators.


When good habits like upcycling are established at a young age, they are more likely to stick as the kid gets older. Teaching your child to sort waste, respect the environment and consume less is a good way to take responsibility for the future of our planet. We support parents who want to encourage an upcycling mindset for their kids and organize Toyi workshops for them. Subscribe to receive the latest news about our workshops.

Civil Society Organizations

With our Kickstarter campaign in 2018, we delivered more than 1000 Toyi kits to children in need with the operational partnerships made with 8 civil society organizations. We continue to work with CSOs all around the world to support child’s right to play, especially in play-in-crisis settings. We develop play experiences and organize workshops for children with these partnerships. Contact us if you are interested in becoming one of our civil society partners.

Toyi Play Advocates

People who are interested in Toyi are more than customers. Everyone has their own unique ways to advocate play in their personal lives in addition to supporting related organizations: a teacher putting extra efforts to create a play-friendly school, an aunt taking time to play with her niece, a parent requesting genderless marketing in toy stores… We call them Play Advocates.