TOYİ Ethical Values Policy Regarding Children’s Personal Data


Toyi Oyun ve Tasarım A.Ş. (“Company” or “TOYİ”) are aware of the dangers that our children are exposed to regarding their personal data, especially on the internet, and that our children are often vulnerable to these dangers. The privacy of our children on the internet is among our top priorities as TOYİ, and this issue is of great importance among our ethical values. The most important aspect of this issue is the Ethical Values Policy Regarding the Personal Data of These Children (“Policy”).

Within the framework of this Policy, we aim to explain the principles regarding our ethical values regarding the processing of personal data regarding children carried out by our Company. For the principles adopted in carrying out personal data processing activities, including children’s personal data, and the basic principles adopted in terms of compliance of our Company’s data processing activities with the regulations in the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”), you can visit the Personal Data Protection Office at [●]. You can review the Data Protection and Processing Policy.


This Policy relates to all personal data of our children, especially those obtained on the internet, processed automatically or non-automatically as part of any data recording system, and our basic ethical values regarding privacy.

Children are considered by some to be the world’s largest customer group, and there is significant investment in analysis and targeting strategies for children. As TOYİ, we do not see our children as a marketing target, and we prefer to develop products that will stimulate the imagination of our children while developing our products. For this reason, we use our children’s personal data for personalized product development, personalized advertising, etc. We do not use it for marketing activities aimed at children, such as:
The cookies used on our website are necessary for the functionality of our website. We do not monitor our children’s internet behavior and do not make any segmentation as a result of these behaviors.
We strive, as much as possible, not to collect more data than is necessary on our website and in our events. For this reason, we design our website and event forms to collect as little information as possible from children.
We do not use any form of voice recognition, biometric trace collection, etc. on our website and toys. We do not use mechanisms that process biometric personal data.
At the point of processing children’s personal data, we operate the necessary mechanisms to verify age during our website and activities, especially during the sharing of personal data and in purchases made through our website.
Even if our children’s profiles are public, we do not collect any data from their social media accounts and do not use them to contact them or provide information about our products.
We take all necessary precautions to prevent our children from being exposed to cyberbullying, derogatory comments, deceptive and malicious invitations in posts shared on social media accounts or on the website upon your and your children’s request, and we immediately initiate the necessary legal processes when we become aware of such attempts.
During events or social media posts, we approach with the awareness that each child is very valuable, and we stay away from hurtful attitudes such as injustice, favoritism, and prioritization, and ensure that our children are kept away from such attitudes.
Being aware of our children’s right to be informed about the processing of their personal data, we include information texts specially prepared for our children on our website and in our events.
We do not include applications that will access the device camera or microphone in any way on our website and social media accounts.
We do not allow third parties to collect personal data about our children during our activities and we take all necessary precautions for this.
We make a separate assessment of children’s data during the design of all our company processes and the establishment of our procedures, and we always prioritize the security of our children’s data.
We stay away from misleading content aimed at children in all our online and offline materials and strive to prevent their use. In this context, we determine the language we use according to the general meaning level of our children and try to avoid misunderstandings.
In order to prevent the misuse of our children’s explicit consent, we also obtain your approval for explicit consent texts.
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