Toyi UpdatesHow to Make Summer Toys with Toyi?

17 June 2022by Toyi

The summer break has started. We’re all excitedly packing our bags to go to the beach. The swimsuit, sunglasses, hat, and slippers are all packed and ready to go. All it takes is a single Toyi kit to transform them all into other toys!

Play is at the sea!

Everywhere is a playground for creative minds! You can turn the empty plastic bottle into a submarine vehicle with Toyi pieces instead of throwing it away after drinking your water. As a result, children can use their imagination to create their own toys and plays.

Play is in underwater!

Is it just the ship? Well, it can be done in a submarine. After drinking plenty of water in sunny weather, you can make unique toys from your pet bottles.


Play is on the beach!

We’ve come out of the sea, got some sun, and it’s time to play now! How about looking at the toys around us from a different perspective? Here is a suggestion from us:

To make the feet and arms, first thread Toyi’s flexible connectors into the sponge water pump toy, then use joints to connect the green sticks. After that, using the rubber, reposition the eyes. The sponge lifeguard is ready for duty!

We want you to see how easy it is to make toys out of the buckets we use to fill with sand and build sand castles.

Look at the cute foot accessory that 6 year old Play Expert Emre designed out of her palettes!


Play is at the picnic!

Toyi allows us to transform any object into a toy. What about fruits? It’s also possible to make them into toys!


Play in the garden!

Nothing better than spending time outside in the summer! We do not leave the area we use dirty, whether it is our own garden or a common area. Toyi pieces can make cleaning up after outdoor activities more fun for children. Here’s a toy made from a combination of trash!


Enjoy the Summer Holiday with Play!

This summer holiday, you can gift any Toyi set with 10% discount to the creative children around you with the gift code HEDÄ°YE10!

Have a great and playful holiday everyone!